Generative Art – Processing

This sketch is procedurally generated everytime you reload the page. For each shape the number of branches and the spacing of the segments are random.

I made this program using the Processing library, and it was uploaded to this website using the Processing.js port.

This is a personal project, I made everything in it

Datis – A Hackathon project

The Dev’art is an event organized every year by the school in which I used to be, it is a hackathon of 32 hours. It’s similar to a game jam, it just isn’t focused on video games.

The theme of this edition was « Data’s travel ». We made a software that could scan the user’s USB driver and create out of the data found on it a 3D kind of spaceship. Each of the spaceships created would be uploaded on a website accessible to everyone where they would all be floating around together. And we won the first prize !

The project features : the website, a database, a client software (the USB scanner) linked to the database, an app embedding the website.

On this project I have worked on :

  • The website : I did all the website using the Three.js library and some PHP to link the database
  • The database : A basic database to hold the spaceships data

Mesh Simplification Algorithm – Internship work

During my three months internship in Assoria, a company that develops an augmented reality software, I developped an algorithm that would simplify a 3D mesh, and an algorithm to compute the convex hull of an object.

Target shooter – OpenGL project

In informatic school I had to code a program using the library OpenGL where there is a moving target on which we can shoot with red balls.

The target is moving randomly along three axis, and the ball is creating an impact where it lands on the target. Also no worries the teacher purposely gave us his photograph for us to shoot on.

I really liked working with OpenGL, so added features that weren’t required : The camera is controlled with the mouse in a POV way, in order to do this i used a Model View Projection matrix. And the ball is affected by gravity.

You can download the source here. A Makefile is provided, and it works on linux with a g++ compiler.

On this project I have worked on :

  • The camera : MVP matrix and controls
  • The shooting : The ball behavior
  • Shaders : I made the shader that creates the impact on the target