O|O – A 2020 Global Game Jam game

O|O is a game developped within 48 hours following the theme « Repair ». It is an assymetric cooperation game where one player controls a mysterious girl, and the other controls her magical orbs.

Gameplay trailer

The global game jam offers to the participants, some additional constraints called « diversifiers ». They are optional but can be a source of inspiration or creativity.

We chose to use two of these diversifiers :

  • Language-Independance, that’s why there is no text in our game. We pushed it even further by giving a name only made with symbols
  • A kind of cooperation, as the players have different abilites, they must help each other to move forward in the game.

You can Download here the prototype

On this project I have worked on :

  • Game Design : Through a brain storming method, we agreed on a pitch and mechanics idea. This has been a long process on this jam but we managed to make it through.
  • Programmation : I did the programmation and asset integration along with a friend.

NoMine NoCraft – A work on Minecraft

During this exercise, we analyzed minecraft’s representations through its gameplay, context, and narration. Then we designed a game based on Minecraft, but twisting these three points in order to change the meaning of the representations.

The character of NoMine NoCraft

You can Download here the prototype

On this project I have worked on :

  • Analysis : Analyzing and writing the document
  • Game Design : Writing a Rational Game Design Document according to our analysis
  • Fixing some technical issues : helped with 3D exports, and little bit of coding

Across – A Paper Prototype made with Scrum

Across is a multiplayer god game in virtual reality. This project was made using the agile process Scrum.

This game is about two gods trying to make their people live together by responding to their demands in a short time. We made this god game a fast paced game both because we wanted a new take on this genre, and because of the VR headset playtime constraint.

While designing the game we created a paper prototype to help us playtest and get feedback on the game. Here’s a preview of the game in video.

On this project I have worked on :

  • Game Design : We developped our idea as a group, then we worked on more specific parts
  • Prototyping : I was involved in the making of the paper prototype
  • Playtest : We playtested our game with people exterior to the project. People frome the Gamaturgie collective also came to test our game.

Was it a Dream ? – Rationnal game design

This project was the first project where I used rationnal game design in order to create a game design document.

This game is about the old memory of when you are a child and you are not really sure if magic and surrealist events could really happen or not.

Application of the Rational game design principles

I worked alone on this project, I made all the game design, narration, and art.

Pac Man – Physics based version

Using the Clickteam Fusion game engine i recreated Pac Man but the gameplay is based on physics, which changes a bit the game.

You can download the game here

I worked alone on this game. I made the game design, and the game using the Clickteam Fusion software

Overwatch representations analysis

This presentation about Overtwatch’s character Moira, analyzes all the representation that the game conveys. It develops how moira is the figure of modern death, through depiction of the cancer.

On this project I have worked on the analysis and redaction.

Every Day the Same Day – Board game adaptation

Using Ian Bogost’s procedural rhetoric theory we analyzed the game Every Day the Same Day by Molleindustria.

The second part of the exercise was to adapt this game in a board game while keeping in mind the procedural rhetoric.

a part of the board

On this project I have worked on :

  • Analysis : We orally agreed on what we thougth of the game
  • Game Design : A part of the redaction
  • Level Design : Designing of the board
  • Art : Drawing of the board

Card game – Zero Hour Game Jam

The zero hour game jam is hosted during the time change in winter when an hour disappears. The theme of this edition (which is probably the last) was « testing ».

We made a card game that combines memory and bluff. Each turn you have to make your way through the card layout by returning a number of cards. The goal is to find three treasures without getting noticed by the other players

Monument Valley – Investor presentation

We made this document presenting the game Monument Valley by Ustwo as it was in development and we were trying to sell it to some investor. The constraints were the number of people working on it : there was only two of us, and the time : we only had an hour.

On this project I have worked on :

  • Analysis : Looked for what was unique and selling about the game
  • Layout : We made a support for an oral presentation

Cheh – A new Hopscotch version

After studying the work of Mary Flanagan on the Hopscotch, we designed our own version of it on the theme of « Justice and Inequalities ». The goal of that exercise was to make a scope vision of our game, so we had to be as synthetic as we could.

We followed Mary Flanagan’s method using the « Unplaying » as we changed the rules of the Hopscotch, the « Reskinning » by changing the shape of the playground, and the « Rewriting » by adding some context and changing the name of the game.

On this project I have worked on the game design, using Flanagan’s tools.

Shadow of the Colossus – Mission Design Document

For this exercise we picked an existing mission in a game, and we wrote a Mission Design Document for it. We took the mission where we kill Malus from Shadow of the Colossus by Sony.

On this project I have worked on the Mission Design, I did the map and golden path part.

Nuit du Jeu’s Game Jam

During this game jam hosted by the Ceméa in Montpellier we developped a game on the theme of « youth and society » with the additional constraint of « innovation ». We had 18 hours.

On this project I have worked on :

  • Game Design : For such a short Game Jam we took a long time to think out our ideas
  • Programming : I did all the unity and programmation part